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Chapter 7: Mobile Arts for Peace (MAP): Youth and Participatory Arts in Rwanda

Ananda Breed

Accepted Manuscript chapter for Participatory Arts in International Development

Mobile Arts for Peace (MAP): creating art-based communication structures between young people and policy-makers from local to national levels

Ananda Breed, Kirrily Pells, Matthew Elliot, Tim Prenkti Research in Drama Education: The Journal of Applied Theatre
and Performance 27:3

‘No-One Can Tell a Story Better than the One Who Lived It’: Reworking Constructions of Childhoodand Trauma Through the Arts in Rwanda

Kirrily Pells, Ananda Breed, Chaste Uwihoreye,  Eric Ndushabandi, Matthew Elliott, Sylvestre Nzahabwanayo

Cult Med Psychiatry (2021).

Mobile Arts for Peace (MAP) at Home: Digital art-based mental health provision in response to COVID-19

Ananda Breed, Chaste Uwihoreye,  Eric Ndushabandi, Matthew Elliott, Kirrily Pells

Journal of Applied Arts & Health 13: 1 (2022) pp. 77-95.

Routledge Companion to Applied Performance

Coming Soon. Access Accepted Manuscript versions of chapters from this edited book.