This mural was created by Children’s Forum of Cipinang Besar Utara (CBU) in Jakarta and was facilitated by an Indonesian artist-educator, Vina Puspita. The mural was initiated to respond to the available space/wall at RPTRA (Child-Friendly Integrated Public Space) of CBU in East Jakarta alongside young people’s interest to bring up social message about street brawls (tawuran) to the community. That issue has been persistently raised by MAP young people during the MAP project phases 1 and 2.


The participatory mural process took three days to finish. On the first day, they began the session with brainstorming on the themes and messages. Free writing techniques was being used to gather ideas and thoughts spontaneously. It was followed by a discussion to finalise the concept. Furthermore, they continued with the process of sketching, composing the mural layout and creating a digital simulation on the wall. They started to paint on the wall on the second day and finished on the third day. 


“Indonesia Butuh Kamu” as the title of the mural, is translated as “Indonesia Needs You”. It is a perspective that MAP young people would like to offer to their fellow youths, saying that they are valuable and needed by the country and even the world. The mural, thus, contains social messages for young people to stop fighting, build more empathy and and capacity by spending more time on positive things. Moreover, this work also reflected the importance of a family situation that is free from violence and community support for young people.


Here is the link to the 3-minute video that captures the process and the result of the mural:


Here is the location of the mural: