Artistic Outputs – Indonesia

In Indonesia, MAP aims to influence national curricula and youth policy from bottom up. Starting from local Urban Level meetings all the way to national level Ministries decision making processes, such as Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection, and Ministry of Education. The endeavor will be done through collaboration with local CSOs, national NGOs, and cultural artists.

From 2020-21, MAP Co-Investigator Harla Sara Octarra and her team from Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia is working through baseline activities which will inform youth policy through the provision of additional materials, training and expertise related to the use of arts-based methods for peacebuilding.

Music Workshops

In October 2021, MAP Indonesia delivered a series of music workshops for young people of the seven partner organizations: Red Nose Foundation, Yayasan Bandungwangi, Forum Anak (Child Forum) Budi Mulia Pademangan Barat, Forum Anak Cipinang Besar Selatan, Forum Anak Cipinang Besar Utara, Wahana Visi Indonesia, and Yayasan Bina Matahari Bangsa.

A total of 46 people attended the sessions: 33 young people and 13 youth facilitators.

The workshops sought to introduce young people to song writing and music-making as a tool to make their voices and concerns heard in society. At first, young people needed to become comfortable with music-making with warm-up exercises. Then they learned how to turn their identified problems into lyrics, find matching tunes for their lyrics, and record their piece.

The young people decided to write songs about their, which they had identified using problem trees. Then they discussed ways to turn the identified problem into song lyrics that transmit their message clearly to the public. Next, they chose the rhythm and tunes and practised the song by themselves and as a group before performing the songs live at the end of the workshop. In total the young people created 8 songs.

The workshops were facilitated by two cultural artists from Yayasan Peduli Musik Anak Indonesia (YPMAI): Karina Adistiana and Ribut Cahyono.