Podcast: Everyday peacebuilding through the arts

‘Everyday Peacebuilding through the Arts’ is a series of podcasts exploring artworks created by young people and how these artworks can travel across personal narratives, project activities, contexts, and geographies. Using our themes of Advocating for Progressive Education Policy and Practice, Tackling Child and Gender-based Violence, and Cultivating Wellbeing and Mental Health, the podcasts guide the listener to find out more about how MAP encourages positive social change through the use of living art forms, and advances dialogue for #EverydayPeacebuilding in these thematic areas.

Each of the short episodes explores how art reflects not only individual and context-specific experiences, but also universal experiences. In each episode, young people, or researchers, or practitioners from across the world are asked to reflect on how they use co-designed art processes in conflict settings. We explore one artwork at a time, created by young people, and experiment to locate narrative threads, seeing how it all weaves together!

This series follows the story of individual artworks in order to reflect on ideas and materials that the MAP project is/has created. It also envisions opening up possible insights, and furthering our network, including you, bringing together the voices of artists, young people, academics, practitioners, and policymakers. As an open-ended conversation, this series allows the present and the future to co-exist in powerful and transformative ways.

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Each podcast lasts around 20 minutes. The podcasts are free to download from this webpage and will be announced in our newsletter

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