Artistic Outputs – Nepal

In Nepal, MAP aims to influence national curricula and youth policy through local level in-school and out-of-school clubs.

The MAP clubs will target the local level governance structures including the Municipality and Rural Municipality Child Pathways to Impact 3 Rights Committee and the Provincial Child Rights Committee, in addition to the National Youth Council and District Youth Council of the western and southern districts.

Child and youth club-led initiatives will identify and prioritize local issues alongside the promotion of intergenerational dialogue and child-to-child peer learning to share, motivate, and teach other children to develop similar practices in their respective schools and communities.

Local cultural forms such as Deuda (from the western part of the country) and Mithila Art (from the southern part of the country) alongside Lok Geet (folk songs specific to varied parts of the country) will be adapted for dialogic purposes. Deuda can be used as a cultural form to explore local issues due to its question-answer structure and inclusivity. Mithila Art has been used across generations by women and girls to explore local issues through visual arts, using locally-sourced materials to paint communal murals inside homes, entry ways and exterior walls.

Arts-based communication systems will be informed by Forum Theatre, Playback Theatre and street drama with partner organisation Mandala Theatre, alongside generating the capacity of children and youth as video makers.