Innovating with peacebuilding communications: adapting traditional and contemporary cultural forms …

In Indonesia, our focus is on

  • The exploration of various art forms, including digital collage, theatre, music, and film, where young people collaborated with cultural artists to communicate youth issues to the community and local government.
  • Using filmmaking and comics for youth-led research projects to address the barriers young people face in engaging community members and influencing policymakers.

Our two current projects are “Beyond Tradition“, which focuses on revitalising the traditional theatre of Betawi people called ‘Lenong’ as a dialogic tool for peacebuilding, led by Dr. Nicolas Indra Nurpatria (PI) from the Center for the Study of Family Resilience and Development (CSFRD), and “GENPEACE” led by Dr Sukanya Podder (PI) from King’s College London. They are concerned with amplifying children’s civic participation:  Beyond Tradition through adapting Betawi traditional theatre (Lenong), and GENPEACE through developing contemporary art forms alongside the use of social media.  

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