Beyond Tradition

Beyond Tradition

January 2023 - January 2024

Revitalising the art of Lenong (a form of Betawi traditional theatre) as a dialogic tool for peacebuilding….

The ‘Beyond Tradition’ project is working alongside project partners such as Padepokan Ciliwung Condet (PCC), and together the aim is to create a Learning Model based on indigenous knowledge, involving young people from vocational schools in Jakarta in the process.

A fusion of Indonesian cultural forms, including Lenong, dance, music, martial arts (pencak silat) and rhymes (pantun) will be incorporated into the Learning Model, with the support of the Education Office and the Cultural Office of DKI Jakarta Province.

The project aims to integrate local wisdom into curricula that promote everyday peacebuilding. 


  • Advocating for progressive education


  • Championing indigenous knowledge
  • Child/youth led participatory action research
  • Designing inter and intra generational processes of dialogue
  • Using applied arts and cultural praxis

Policy outputs

This project aims to create a learning model as a concrete implementation of the Independent Education Curriculum currently implemented by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Indonesia. This model uses an artistic and cultural approach and involves young people in the process. In particular, the Betawi arts and culture are being explored, which include Lenong, dance, music, martial arts (Pencak Silat) and rhymes (Pantun), with an infusion of skills including other performing arts. While the project will have peer researchers, the entry point will focus on vocational schools in Jakarta province.

In developing the learning model, we are working with the Education Office and the Cultural Office of Jakarta, who are fully supportive of the project due to its focus on revitalising local culture and integrating local wisdom into the curriculum.

The expected output of this project will be a training module that provides a detailed description of all stages and activities of Lenong revitalisation and artwork in the form of Lenong performances that will be used in dialogues between young people and audiences. This training module can also be used in senior high schools as an alternative to implementing an independent curriculum through an arts and culture approach.

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