Virtual Exhibitions

MAP Impact Week

Rwanda, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, and Nepal, 2023

On 17-20 July 2023, MAP held an Impact Week online event, bringing together MAP young people and stakeholders (youth facilitators, educators, cultural artists, social workers, and policymakers) to share stories of MAP’s impact at personal, community (school/village), and regional/national levels. During MAP Impact Week, presenters shared testimonies and arts-based reflections and performances. You can access the dynamic MAP Impact Week virtual exhibition below. Enjoy!

Agents of change

Rwanda, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, and Nepal, 2022

The Agents of Change virtual art exhibition features the artworks of young people from 4 countries, Rwanda, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, and Nepal, which was created during the Mobile Arts for Peace project Phase 1 and Small Grant research projects. These extraordinary works by young people are not only beautiful but also powerful. They represent young people’s views on peace in response to problems around them. There are 3 rooms in this exhibition. The first room with the white wall shows the artwork of young people from Indonesia. In the next room with a blue wall are the drawings/paintings of young people from Kyrgyzstan. Finally, in the third brownish-yellow room, we can see the artwork of young people from Nepal and Rwanda. There are a total of more than 100 works of art in various forms, ranging from drawings, paintings, photographs, comics, songs, films, and performances. These arts-based outputs have been through a long process of ‘incubation’. Started with the process of young people identifying problems using problem tree analysis facilitated by the MAP research team, attending arts-based workshops facilitated by cultural artists, and finally leading their own arts-based research projects that are presented in this exhibition.

Kolase Bercerita

MAP Indonesia, 2021

This Virtual Exhibition entitled Kolase Bercerita (digital storytelling collage) 2021 is one of the outcomes of the digital collage workshop held by Mobile Arts for Peace (MAP) in Indonesia, made through the collaboration of Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia, with visual artist facilitator, Vina Puspita, and the DKI Jakarta Child Protection Agency (LPA). The virtual exhibition consists of the sub-themes ‘myself’, ‘my environment’, and ‘my hope’. These sub-themes and the art form of Collage were chosen by the MAP participants to voice their opinions, reflections, and hopes.

All the works on display were created by young people aged 12–19 years old in Jakarta who are affiliated with 7 organisations, namely Cipinang Besar Selatan Children’s Forum, Cipinang Besar Utara Children’s Forum, Budi Mulia Pademangan Barat Children’s Forum, Red Nose Foundation, Bandungwangi Foundation, Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) Urban Jakarta, and Bina Matahari Bangsa Foundation.

MAP participants went through a series of creative and problem identification workshops, both as individuals and groups, to finally produce the works that are part of this exhibition. It is hoped that these processes and works will lead to further dialogue about young people, the environment, and hope for better conditions.