Themes and approaches

(Diagram: Huxley & Puspita, 2023)

Each country has its own policy influencing approach that relates to the overarching MAP themes and processes. These build from our research questions and theory of change.

This diagram shows the three emerging thematic areas that MAP overall is addressing in relation to everyday peacebuilding through the arts. These are:

  • Advocating for progressive education policy and practice (the blue splash)
  • Cultivating wellbeing and mental health (the red paint splash) and
  • Tackling child and gender-based violence (the yellow)

A combination of different processes, which vary in different contexts (depending on country, localities etc.) contribute towards addressing these emerging themes. These processes include:

  • Championing indigenous knowledge
  • Building in gender (and diversity) inclusive considerations
  • Designing inter and intra generational processes of dialogue
  • Using applied arts and cultural praxis and
  • Child/youth led participatory action research

We hope that both our ways (processes) of conducting applied research are of interest, as much as what we are producing (outputs).

At the core of MAP is valuing the role of the arts in peacebuilding.

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