Policy brief: Rumah Tak Ramah (Unfriendly Home) ‘Behind the Scenes’ – Briefing Note

“A participatory research using short film to start conversations about sexual violence among adolescents in order to reduce stigma towards the victims.” 

A film was chosen to raise the problem of stigma toward adolescent victims of sexual violence. The storyline was based on the experiences of adolescents in an urban community in Jakarta and the community’s perception of the problem. The short film was used as a research instrument because it is an art form that the young researchers’ assessed as the best medium to deliver their message. During the closed screening, the film was successful in raising the issue of exploitation, and in creating a discussion on the complexity of solutions for sexual violence. The short film was also used as a discussion starter for women community members (Ibu-Ibu PKK) and female adolescents, to express their opinions and ideas, which were then formulated for stakeholders’ recommendations. 

The purpose of the research was to provide direction/education to communities on how to respond to cases of sexual violence; to provide recommendations on how communities can create a safe space for everyone so that there is no more sexual violence. 


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