Policy brief: Brawling in the name of solidarity?! – Briefing Note

“A participatory research using a comic book to identify the impact of brawls in order to find workable solutions.”

A comic book was chosen to raise the problem of brawls that often happen between communities and young people. The storyline was based on incidents that took place in many neighbourhoods in Jakarta, including those of young researchers’. The comic book was used as a research instrument because it is an art form that is popular among young people, and very well-liked for its eye-catching visuals. It was used as a discussion starter for women community members (Ibu-Ibu PKK) and male adolescents former perpetrators of brawls, to express their opinions and ideas, which were then formulated for stakeholders’ recommendations.

The purpose of the research was to educate adolescents to change their mindset about brawls; to educate adolescents to control their emotions (such as doing positive activities or trying to strengthen their faith); and to provide recommendations on positive activities for adolescents (such as exploring interests/hobbies, playing guitar, playing soccer, etc.)

You can also find the whole comic in Indonesia’s Artistic Outputs page.

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