Mithila arts on gender equality

Mithila art workshop in June 2023 in Nepal / JWAS

Mithila paintings are one of the artistic outputs of the MAP ‘Picturing Past, Present, and Future (PPPF)’ in Nepal. In Nepal, PPPF collaborated with Janaki Women Awareness Society (JWAS), a non-profit social organisation working on women’s and children’s issues. These Mithila paintings were created by artists and young girls in Nepal.

Mithila arts are a traditional art form from the ancient Mithila kingdom of Nepal and is still popular in the central southern region of Nepal, especially in Janakpurdham.​​ Historically, it used to convey religious rituals, nature and farming scenes, but increasingly, it is also used to convey contemporary issues, for example, to create awareness of gender injustice.​​

Mithila painting / JWAS
Mithila arts exhibition in June 2023 at the Masala Cottage (Universal Food Tech) Janakpurdham, Nepal / JWAS

Mithila artworks:

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