Picturing the Past, Present & Future…

Picturing the Past, Present & Future…

January - August 2023

Enhancing dialogue between young people and policy through photographic documentation of bicycle journeys to improve the wellbeing of women and girls….

In the case of ‘Picturing the Past, Present & Future’, working alongside partner organisations, such as the Janaki Woman Awareness Society in Nepal and Uyisenga Ni Imanzi (UMN) in Rwanda, the project aims to fuse Physical Education and Art with advancing Civic Education policies in Nepal and Rwanda.

Young women from selected schools in Rwanda (and Nepal) will be guided to take their own bicycle journeys (as individuals, in pairs or in a group), visiting spaces of curiosity in their localities and beyond.

Using cameras, they will capture images on their journeys, archiving these through photographic journals.

Curriculum policymakers will be invited to bicycle training and art workshops to observe the methodologies and research in action and to share their reflections on the process, helping to inform the direction of policy briefs. 


  • Cultivating well-being and mental health


  • Building in gender (and diversity) inclusive considerations
  • Child/youth led participatory action research
  • Designing inter and intra generational processes of dialogue

Policy outputs

Through picturing the past, present and future of young women it has influenced the strategy of empowering young women to find out the solutions through arts by sharing their life stories that had an impact to their future and gender equality which reflects as Rwanda is recognized as a leader in gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Women hold positions making up 61 percent of the Rwandan parliament and 50 percent of the President’s cabinet this show the results on participation on gender equality. It has also influenced the policy of culture through arts, poems, songs, drawings. Gender equality in education and participation has been influenced by the project through proverbs that speaks a woman in negative and positive way.

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