Marlon Lee Moncrieffe

Marlon Lee Moncrieffe (Principal Investigator, School of Education, University of Brighton) is an international award winning educator, researcher and author.

He is a council member of the UK’s leading educational research society the British Educational Research Association.

He is a Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching.

His international interdisciplinary research crosses the fields of social sciences, arts and humanities, using narrative and biographical approaches with particular focus through the lenses of education, history, sociology, and sport.

His international leadership on Decolonising Curriculum Knowledge is disseminated widely in publications such as Decolonising the Curriculum – Transnational Perspectives. and Decolonising Curriculum Knowledge: International Perspectives and Interdisciplinary Approaches. This seminal work includes unique contributions from special Global North and Global South scholars, researchers and educators from: UK, Colombia, Kenya, Rwanda, Nepal, Mauritius, Canada, Norway, The Russian Federation, Thailand, The Republic of Poland, Netherlands, Australia, South Africa and Namibia.

Dr Moncrieffe was Principal Investigator of the March 2019 to March 2020 Arts Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Global Challenges Research funded project Changing the Story  (CTS): Examining Interpretations of Civil National Values made by Young People in Post-Conflict Settings (Kenya and Nepal). See the project work and findings.

He was also Principal Investigator of the October 2019 to August 2021  Arts Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Global Challenges Research funded project. Changing the Story (CTS): Consolidation, learning and evaluation in Kenya and Rwanda: A critical review of Changing the Story projects in Eastern Africa.  See the project work and findings here. See the Virtual Reality learning site.