MAP podcast – episode 3

28th March 2024

Episode 3 continues the conversation about the MAP project in Kyrgyzstan and its focus on activities that promote youth-led peacebuilding advocacy and initiatives through arts-based approaches. We hear from the project’s partners based at the Foundation for Tolerance International (FTI): Mrs Tajyka Shabdanova, MAP’s co-investigator and president of the FTI, and Mrs Anara Eginalieva, director of the Bishkek office of the FTI and the project manager. We also hear from two of MAP’s young participants joining us: Nazmiya Kyzy Rustam and Symbat Kyzy Zhanibekova.

The episode draws inspiration from young people’s artistic outputs and explores project’s methods and key themes such as ‘forum theatre’ and ‘intergenerational-communication’.

Artwork in focus:

Poem “Talk to me” by Nazmiya Kyzy Rustam

Interpreter: Mrs Gulchakhra Karymshakova
Music is from:
Composers and singers: Alexandre Iteriteka
Music: Umuduri Band
Producer: Frank Tamari

Mentioned in this episode:

Book chapter:

Eginalieva.A., Shabdanova, T., and Smirnova, A. (2023). Youth Engagement in Peacebuilding:arts-based approaches in Kyrgyzstan. In Breed, A., Pells, K., Marambio, H., andTimalsina, R (in press). Arts-basedApproaches for Peacebuilding in Kyrgyzstan, Rwanda, Indonesia and Nepal. Abingdon: Routledge (In Press).

“Talk to me”: Interactive consultative meeting with decision-makers in Bishkek  https://map.lincoln.ac.uk/2023/10/23/talk-to-me/ 

Policy briefs: https://map.lincoln.ac.uk/policy-influencing/policy-kyrgyzstan/

Artistic outputs from Kyrgyzstan: https://map.lincoln.ac.uk/artistic-outputs/artistic-outputs-kyrgyzstan/

Song by Symbat Zhanybekova (song, lyrics and story): https://map.lincoln.ac.uk/2023/07/20/a-performance-of-komuz-and-singing-by-symbat-z/

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