Final project report: MAP Large Grant Main Report – Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal and Rwanda by Institute for Social Innovation and Impact, University of Northampton

19th June 2024

This research project sought to evaluate the efficacy and impact of the MAP project across all four countries; however, the evaluation was carried out primarily in partnership with Foundation for Tolerance International (FTI) in Kyrgyzstan and Pusat Kajian Pembangunan Masyarakat Universitas Katolik Indonesia Atma Jaya (CSDS-AJCUI) in Indonesia, with both countries acting as specialist qualitative case-studies for exploring the impact of youth-led, arts-based approaches to peacebuilding. Quantitative data in the form of longitudinal surveys was however, captured across all four countries in partnership with the MAP Medium Grant partners in each country. The evaluation in this report therefore primarily focuses on the Medium Grant projects funded in Indonesia (Beyond Tradition and GENPEACE) and Kyrgyzstan (Arts for Dialogue and the Magic of Theatre), albeit it does touch on the Medium Grant projects funded in Nepal and Rwanda. The University of Northampton and the University of Edinburgh teams have created a supplementary ‘Joint Report’ to provide a comparative overview of findings for the MAP project across all four countries.


Executive Summary: