A performance of Komuz and singing by Symbat Z.

Symbat, a young MAP participant from Jalal Abad, is trying to address the issue of parental migration through songwriting and music. One of the identified problems in society is that parents, in search of better job opportunities abroad, leave their children without parental care. Recognising the importance of this situation, Symbat has used her artistic skills to depict it in a variety of art forms. Symbat wrote a moving poem about the fate of these abandoned children. Symbat drew inspiration from the acclaimed work of our great writer, Chingiz Aitmatov, to delve deeper into the emotions and complexities of this issue. Aitmatov’s novel “White Steamship” powerfully depicts the feelings of a child in the absence of a father figure. Through the composition of poetry and song played on the traditional Kyrgyz instrument, the Komuz, Symbat shares a deeper awareness of these feelings and sheds light on the issues raised by the migration of parents and its effect on their children. The song was performed during MAP Impact Week 2023.

Life is full of challenges 

There is no end to the things you have to do to make your living 

People are seeking fortune and luck 

They work day and night without resting and think: 

“Does my child have clothes to wear? 

Does my child have something to eat? 

Is he hungry?” 

In order to provide their children with everything 

Parents are faraway working hard. 

Fathers are like on board a white steamship 

And children shout “White ship, stop! 

They cannot swim like fish and catch up with that ship 

They stay on the shore waving their hands. 

Some people go wealth seeking 

Others go seeking happiness. 

Parents go seeking jobs 

To ensure their children happy life. 

Many children are left with their grandparents 

But you can see in their eyes 

How much they are missing their parents. 

You feel as if you hear their souls crying 

Time is a flying bird. It will never come back. 

Children miss mother’s care and love 

Whatever might be done to divert the kid from his feelings 

He will still long for his parents to come back. 

Let parents come back to their children 

Let them stay with their children. 

A poem by Symbat Z. “Let the parents return to their children”