GENPEACE Song “Yang Berkurang Harus Sampai Hilang”

This song was created through a collaboration between artists and young participants of the GENPEACE project, from creating the messages (voices) to planning the final performance entitled “Panca Sora” (five voices). This is combined with youth-led identification of children’s issues according to five child rights clusters. This song is one of the artistic outputs that is used in combination with other art forms, i.e., traditional dance, bamboo angklung, wayang (puppet show), and operetta, to collectively reinforce the delivery of children’s voices related to five clusters of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). The lyrics of the songs represent a particular voice of concern and are embedded with the positive values and philosophy of angklung. The lyrics of the songs reflect on children’s concerns and hopes in relation to their rights.


Staring at the cold and cloudy sky,

I’m pondering and increasingly confused

Many questions are raging in my head

Struggling for answers

Shouldn’t those who go to school

Getting the final result in the form of a diploma (not a marriage book?)

Shouldn’t it be the education I’m going through

Not the choice that I didn’t agree to from the start


It’s not time to blame each other

Let’s hand in hand to change

Fight bullying, create a friendly space

A safe space called school.

Selecting information is necessary

So that our steps are not wrong

Don’t become a child who is married off

or victims of violence and social vulnerability


Why does the information I get come too late?

or is it that what’s available isn’t appropriate?

Where should I get accurate news from?


No one has ever asked: “what do you want?”

I am the passenger and you are the driver

I’m often considered non-existent and powerless

Even though we can talk and decide together


The more I dig, the more I search, the more claustrophobic it gets.


It’s not time to blame each other

Let’s join hands to change

Fight bullying, create a friendly space

A safe space called school

Your report is proof of courage

Stand by the victim, Fight for justice

Report all forms of violence.

Don’t be silent……….

Violence must decrease until it disappears

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Inter-generational Peace (GENPEACE)

Amplifying youth voices and children’s civic participation through social media and the arts.

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