Participatory Mural #3 for Child-friendly Public Space in Jakarta

“Tough in Solidarity”
by Children’s Forums and children in Bidara Cina Urban Village

Bidara Cina’s RPTRA with new mural / Puspita

The third MAP Participatory Mural project took place in November 2022, initiated by the Children’s Forum of Bidara Cina and supported by youth facilitators, RPTRA staff, and the urban village. This project was held at Bidara Cina’s RPTRA, a Child-Friendly Integrated Public Space in East Jakarta. Unlike the previous projects, this mural project welcomed the participation of all children in the neighborhood, not just the Children’s Forum members. The collaborative effort resulted in the creation of three murals with key theme “Tough in Solidarity” that shed light on important themes such as social cohesion, child-friendly space, and environmental issues. Throughout the mural-making process, the children had the opportunity to engage in conversations about these topics with the head of the Child Protection and Population Control Empowerment Department (PPAPP) of Jatinegara Sub-district, who visited the mural sessions at RPTRA Bidara Cina. This project not only provided a creative outlet for the children but also fostered community engagement and dialogue on relevant issues.

Here is the link to the 3-minute video that captures the process and the result of the mural:

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