Participatory Mural #2 on Youths’ Challenges

“Active Youths, Positive Attitudes”
by MAP Young People & Children’s Forums in Jatinegara Sub-district, East Jakarta, Indonesia

Between August and September 2022, the second mural project took place at the Jatinegara Sub-district office. The project spanned six weeks and consisted of six sessions held on Sundays. The project started with an online opening session on August 20, 2022, where various stakeholders such as sub-district officials, child-protection agencies, urban village heads, youth facilitators, Children’s Forums, and the MAP Indonesia research team came together. After the opening session, four on-site mural-making sessions were conducted. The project concluded with a webinar to close the event, which included an online mural exhibition and an audience with local government.

The MAP Participatory Murals project gained attention from the sub-district office, providing more opportunities for collaboration to amplify the voices of young people to decision-makers. This was the second participatory mural project in Indonesia, specifically at the Jatinegara Sub-district office in East Jakarta. The project was initiated based on an invitation from the Head and Vice Head of the Sub-district, aiming to promote children’s participation. Children’s Forums and youth facilitators from seven urban villages participated in the project: Rawa Bunga, Cipinang Cempedak, Cipinang Muara, Bidara Cina, Cipinang Besar Selatan, Cipinang Besar Utara, and Bali Mester. The mural created during this project, titled “Active Youths, Positive Attitudes,” reflects the challenges and opportunities that young people face within their families, schools/communities, and society.

Indoor mural / Puspita

Here is the link to the 3-minute video that captures the process and the result of the mural:

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