Manuals and toolkits: Youth Participatory Mural Guidebook

The AHRC PhD student, Vina Puspita, explores youth participatory murals with Children’s Forums in Jakarta, Indonesia. Following a series of mural projects that took place from July to December 2022, young people, together with youth facilitators and Vina, co-created a guidebook with content drawn from the process and experience of creating murals in four locations in Jatinegara Sub-district. The guidebook includes a detailed technical step-by-step guide to making a mural.

The youth participatory mural guidebook entitled “Warna Kita Semua: Mural Kaum Muda Berkarya dan Bersuara”, translated as “Our Colours: Youth Mural Guidebook, Create and Speak Up”, was launched online on Saturday, 15 July 2023, attended by young muralists, youth facilitators, local government (urban village head and subdistrict deputy head), Department of Empowerment, Child Protection and Population Control officers, parents, and the public.

“This book is not just a physical book but a real manifestation of pure and noble intentions in carrying out humanitarian action, which is realised in a series of activities, creative spaces, where the children of Jatinegara Sub-district can optimally participate. What is even more extraordinary is how all parties worked together to support children’s participation in this mural project. I hope that this book will not only be an output but also become a ‘monument’ or historical record, especially for Jatinegara Sub-district itself, which can be an example for other districts or other stakeholders towards fulfilling children’s rights. and protection.”

– Mr Gama,
Department of Empowerment, Child Protection and Population Control (PPAPP) DKI Jakarta

Youth Participatory Mural Guidebook (Bahasa Indonesia Version)

Youth Participatory Mural Guidebook (English Version)