MAP Impact Week 2023

  EVENT DATE: 17/07/2023

In June 2023, MAP called on MAP participants and stakeholders to take part in a MAP Impact Week from 17-20 July 2023. MAP invited up to 10 participants from each MAP country team who would like to share their MAP journey and its impact on their life and community through testimony or artistic work. A total of 40 selected participants (individuals and groups) from Kyrgyzstan, Rwanda, Indonesia and Nepal then presented their stories in the MAP Impact Week webinar scheduled for 17-20 July 2023.

“Looking back over the past years since involved with MAP project, what do you think was the most significant change on yourself, your work, and or in your community?” 

“How did you experience MAP and how do you see its impact?” 

Impact and arts-based workshop

A supporting workshop for MAP Impact Week 2023 was held online via Zoom on 23 June 2023. Facilitated by Vina Puspita, an AHRC PhD candidate, the workshop aimed to guide MAP participants and stakeholders in preparing their submissions. It covered topics such as impact, arts-based methods, and submission preparation. Interpretation services were provided in multiple languages. The workshop, along with platforms like Padlet, provided valuable guidance and resources for participants to tell stories of impact using arts for the MAP Impact Week.

MAP Impact Week

MAP Impact Week, conducted online from July 17-20, 2023, featured 40 presenters from four MAP in-country teams sharing testimonies and art-based reflections on the impact of MAP at various levels (individual, group/organisation, community, regional/national). The schedule included sessions for presenters from Rwanda, Indonesia, Nepal, and Kyrgyzstan on designated days. In addition to the presentations, a virtual exhibition showcased participants’ artistic creations. While the event was retrospective and reflective in nature, it served as a celebration of the achievements and development within the MAP research project, bringing together participants from different countries. Explore the MAP virtual exhibition and learn more about the event in this blog.

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