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The second Ingoma Nshya Festival, Rwanda – August 2023

  EVENT DATE: 18/08/2023

The Gira Ingoma – One Drum Per Girl project held the second edition of the Ingoma Nshya Festival (INF 2) on 18 August 2023 at the University of Rwanda Huye Campus Stadium.

After three months of weekly training in drumming, warrior dance, poetry, singing and juggling, 250 girls from 10 primary and secondary schools in Huye District came together to assert themselves through these artistic expressions, in order to challenge socially embedded practices of gender discrimination and social exclusion.

Here is an extract from the poem by Niyonshimiye Devotha and Utetiwabo Lil Veronique, Groupe Scolaire Cyarwa

“Ingoma Iwacu”

Ndumukobwa ubereye u Rwanda

Ndumukobwa uberewe no guhanga

Ndumukobwa uberwa no guhamiriza

Ndumukobwa uberwa no kuvuza ingoma

Nkaba umukobwa wu Rwanda

“I am a worthy daughter of Rwanda

I am a girl who wears creativity perfectly

Warrior dance fits me

Drumming fits me

I am a Rwandan girl”


Gira Ingoma – One Drum Per Girl

Drumming, dance and creative workshops/festivals, enabling girls to address inequality by exploring their empowerment through non-traditional creative roles.