Gira Ingoma – One Drum Per Girl

Gira Ingoma – One Drum Per Girl

January 2023 - March 2024

Drumming, dance and creative workshops/festivals, enabling girls to address inequality by exploring their empowerment through non-traditional creative roles….

“Gira Ingoma – One Drum Per Girl” aims to address persistent gender stereotypes and discriminatory patterns (norms, barriers, practices, perceptions, etc…) that prevent girls from engaging in non-traditional activities/roles in the creative and cultural industries such as drumming, warrior dance (intore), poetry (kwivuga), singing, juggling, etc… thus perpetuating inequalities and exclusion.

Two hundred and fifty (250) girls from ten (10) primary and/or secondary schools in Huye District, supported by their teachers and trainers, will engage in a quarterly dialogue with policy makers at school, sector, district, provincial and national levels on how to achieve gender equality and women’s empowerment in the cultural sector. The aim is to empower Rwandan girls to dream, act and reinvent themselves on their own terms.

The Woman Cultural Centre (WCC), in partnership with Ingoma Nshya, Women’s Initiatives (INWI) and Nofit State (Wales), will provide eighty (80) sessions of workshops in drumming, warrior dance, poetry, singing and juggling over the course of ten (10) months. Through these workshops, the beneficiaries (250 girls) will write letters and create songs, poems, videos and performances to communicate to policy makers their aspirations for a women-friendly culture. The beneficiaries (250 girls) will invite the policy makers to their own festival, planned on a quarterly basis, for various talks and performances portraying the women they want to be in the future.


  • Cultivating well-being and mental health
  • Tackling child and gender-based violence


  • Building in gender (and diversity) inclusive considerations
  • Designing inter and intra generational processes of dialogue

Policy outputs

The outcome is to model a new image for girls in Rwanda and a new tradition of gender equality: with respect, unity and joy. The beneficiaries of the project are girls at the service of themselves, their own rights and their own dreams, and the gain is for the country’s women AND its culture, as it is clearly linked to Rwanda’s revised National Gender Policy, which aims to “address the persistent cultural norms and stereotypes that hinder the effectiveness of gender equality and equity”.

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