Ingoma Nshya Drumming Festivals, Rwanda – May & August 2023

During May and August 2023, the One Girl One Drum Project, led by the Womens Culture Centre, held two separate Drumming Festivals. After several months of weekly training in drumming, warrior dance, poetry, singing and juggling, 250 girls from 10 primary and secondary schools in Huye District came together to assert themselves through these artistic expressions. the aim being to challenge gender inequalities and present their agentic and embodied identities in an empowered way – as cultural makers and shakers!

The events were attended by parents, teachers, peers, cultural artists and local officials, all of whom were not only able to witness the girls but also try and experience some of the art forms themselves.

You can watch a video of the first Drumming festival here.

If you are interested in learning more, please get in touch.

Girls performing a warrior dance at the Huye Stadium in August 2023 / Hagy Images Studio
Drumming with local authorities in Huye, May 2023 / Hagy Images Studio

Girls embodying a warrior dance (traditionally this was only for boys), May 2023 / Hagy Images Studio

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Drumming, dance and creative workshops/festivals, enabling girls to address inequality by exploring their empowerment through non-traditional creative roles.