Munezero Ferdinand

  • MAP Role: Artist
  • Institution: Rwanda Arts Council
  • Position: Chair of Rwanda Arts Council
  • Location: Rwanda

Munezero Ferdinand was born in 1984. He is a passionate and Talented Traditional Artist and he has been participating actively in Rwanda Cultural Creative Industry (CCI) since 2004 as an artist in traditional dance, music, poetry and cultural media. He is now the Chair person of Rwanda Arts Council. He has 15 years of experience in youth empowerment, Mentorship and Arts Coaching; he has 5 years of professional experience in Secondary education as a teacher and career advisor. Ferdinand’s journey in Arts Together with professional facts knows and believes that the success in talents discovery within young people will create a successful generation in social and economic transformation. This was motivation for him to be confident and become the CEO and the founder of Voice of Generation Rwanda (VOG-Rwanda), a social enterprise for talent detection and career guidance for youth in secondary schools, working specifically with schools in remote areas, aiming at discovering the golden talents in young people and empower them to become agents for social and economic transformation by using their talents. Apart from arts experience, Munezero Ferdinand is an Engineer in Electronics and telecommunication with 5 years of experience in renewable energy and environment protection as a training and Communication Expert.

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