Niwemukiza Thamar

  • MAP Role: Artist
  • Institution: Gashora Girls Academy of Science and Technology (GGAST)/Rwanda Girls Initiative.
  • Position: Facilities coordinator,traditional dance instructor and Arts&Jewelry Mentor
  • Location: Rwanda

Thamar graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Science (Botany and Conservation) in 2014 and with a postgraduate diploma in Education in 2019 at University of Rwanda. She is also ending her Master degree in Public Health at Mount Kenya University/Kigali Campus.

Thamar started working at GGAST in May 2015 as a Welfare coordinator and traditional dance coach. In this role, Thamar was responsible for the wellbeing of 275 girls in this high school. She also dealt with their discipline and participated in developing their confidence. At the beginning of 2019, she got assigned to other duties such as looking after all things related to sanitation and environment safeness by leading all departments which maintain it. She is so passioned about culture, arts and dance. She is a traditional dance instructor and a mentor to arts & jewelry club. Before joining GGAST, Thamar has worked as a traditional dance coach in high school called ET st KIZITO SAVE since 2012 up to 2014 and worked as a parasurveyor in National Land Centerin 2010. Since 2011, she has been a committed member of INYAMIBWA traditional dance troupe which is one of top 3 best national traditional dance group from which she toured Europe (France, Spain and Belgium) recently with Festivals du Sud. A part from that, Thamar believes in Arts and Culture capacity/power of bringing change to the society which motivated her to recently introduce to her community an arts and culture club called Ijabo Performing Arts aiming at promote peace, fight against family violence, promote unity, resilience and promote social inclusion by mostly including disabled people while conserving and protecting our culture through youth, whom she believes to be the pillar for the country development in future. In addition to that, Thamar is now part of the executive committee as Deputy President of an new African Federation of Arts and Culture which is on its early stage and aiming to bring together all African artists from all African Countries in order to share knowledge, skills and experiences at the same time combine their efforts from their diverse expertise and culture for abetter and effective way of bringing positive changes and developmentto African Communitiesas well as Worldwidely.

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