MEN – ART: Addressing mental health through youth-led art exhibitions

MEN – ART: Addressing mental health through youth-led art exhibitions

Exploring the mental health effects on peace and conflict resolution in schools through arts-based methods…

This project works with youth clubs (23 safe spaces) that benefited from the small grants project in Rwanda in 2022. Each school youth club will identify different mental health problems depending on their school context. The young people will be supported to produce films developing and harnessing their creative skills and seeking ways through the arts to build social cohesion and mental well-being. The films will act as a creative conduit for political engagement. The videos produced will be shown at a symposium designed to engage policymakers, NGOs and CSOs. This project focuses on developing modules on child protection for street-based children.


  • Cultivating well-being and mental health

Policy outputs

The films and symposium will build on and contribute to the earlier Phase 1. Phase 1 work across 46 district hospitals and referral hospitals in Rwanda included extensive training programmes in arts-based methods. These arts-based methods have now been incorporated into the National Health Policy as a way of addressing mental health problems and healing.

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