Anara Eginalieva

  • MAP Role: MAP Manager 
  • Institution: Bishkek Office for Foundation for Tolerance International (FTI)
  • Position: Director
  • Location: Kyrgyzstan

Anara Eginalieva is the director of the Bishkek office of the Foundation for Tolerance International (FTI) and manager of the MAP project in Kyrgyzstan. She has practical experience in peacebuilding projects since 2000 as a manager, analyst, trainer, expert in conflict analysis and development of action plans. She has successfully worked in projects aimed at increasing the potential of youth in peacebuilding through innovative methods: forum theater, photo voice, etc. Eginalieva Anara is a member of the FTI authoring team for the development of methodological manuals and training modules on working with conflict, analyzing conflict situations, developing intervention work plans, and teaching young people non-violent methods of conflict resolution.