Drawing Masterclass Batken

On November 20 2021, a drawing masterclass was held in Batken, with a total of 44 schoolchildren aged 13 to 17 years participated. 

Drawing theme: The world through my eyes.

Coach: Samikulova Ayturgan

Drawing masterclass in Batken. Credit: FTI

The drawing masterclass in Batken presented a passionate group of participants. What set this group apart from others was their strong sense of patriotism. Many of the schoolchildren demonstrated their love for their country through their drawings. The importance of friendship between peoples and the issue of border conflicts were common themes explored in their artwork. Through their drawings, they sought to convey the beauty of their country, highlight the importance of unity between different communities, and address the complex realities of border disputes. Many of their drawings showed the importance of friendship and peace in their lives, symbolising the desire for a harmonious existence and a clear sky above their heads.

Four key themes emerged from the drawing masterclass: 

  1. Friendship between nations 
  2. Patriotism 
  3. Ecology 
  4. Nature of Kyrgyzstan 



Drawings about border conflicts and their consequences show that children know and understand what conflict is and understand the meaning of peace on the border.  

 And they seem to have relished moments of border conflict when they painted.  The guys didn’t paint the conflict itself: the shooting, the empty houses, etc. They drew their love for the motherland, the need for friendship on the border. It shows that they want and believe in future change. 

I noticed how they paid attention to every detail, tried to convey everything that they felt through their drawings.  They approached, asked if it was clear what they wanted to say with their drawing.  


There were a lot of rainbow colors that lifted the spirits. People who want peace, a quiet life prefer such bright rainbow colors. They are not indifferent to what kind of world they live in, they want a better life for themselves and for loved ones, to wake up every day with a calm soul. 

Drawings about the landscapes of Kyrgyzstan demonstrate patriotism, show love for their homeland and pride. 

We were able to tell interestingly about our drawings, at first they were shy, but then there were a lot of people who wanted to. 


Psychological characteristic according to their drawings: depicted friendship between peoples, using bright colors.  They talked about the great hope that there would be peace above their heads.  

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