Drawing Masterclass Bishkek

On November 12 2021, a drawing masterclass was held in Bishkek, with a total of 39 schoolchildren aged 13 to 17 years participated.  

Drawing theme: The world through my eyes.

Coach: Samikulova Ayturgan

Drawing masterclass in Bishkek. Credit: FTI

The drawing masterclass in Jalal-Abad invited school children to draw on the theme “The World Through My Eyes”. Although many of them were new to drawing, they courageously picked up brushes and paints without hesitation. The group exuded confidence and showed no fear of failure. While most of the participants are active individuals who keep up with modern life and strive to stay in touch with the latest trends, this group had a critical expression of their thoughts about the modern lifestyle through their artwork.


Four key themes emerged from the drawing masterclass: 

  1. Nature 
  2. Ecology 
  3. Corruption 
  4. Gender 



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