On November 12th 2021, a master class was held in Bishkek.  

In total, there are 39 schoolchildren aged 13 to 17 years: 35 people, including girls – 24, boys – 11. Teachers – 4. 

Drawing theme: The world through my eyes. 

Coach: Samikulova Ayturgan

This group quickly picked up the instructions.  From the first time they understood the topic and began to act, although, many of them  painted with paints for the first time, they  were not afraid to use paints. The guys were not shy, not afraid that they would not succeed, in the end they showed a good result, bright, clear drawings and were able to describe their pictures in words. 

Most of the guys can speak freely and are active, do not lag behind modern life, try to be in trend. 

 The particular approach of the group: critical, express their criticisms.  

 Among the group there are several guys: quiet, withdrawn, who are lost within this group. 


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Features of the drawings:  

– Most of the guys raised the global problems of modern life: gender, corruption, low living conditions, etc.  

– In describing their paintings for the problems, they were more critical and blamed others (for example: the government); 

There were no drawings where they would show themselves,  and how they could help this world to improve, and what benefits they could bring. 


The drawings can be divided into 4 themes: 

  • Nature 
  • Ecology 
  • Corruption 
  • Gender 


Using ink colours: 

Green colour: green means the  colour of nature and harmony, this colour soothes a person. 


Blue is a cold colour, the colour of energy and desire, it is often used by people who are closed and insecure. 

 Black is considered the most negative, the colour of failure and depression. People who consider themselves unhappy and strangers among their own, they prefer this colour when they are lonely. 


Gray is the colour of boredom and depression, people who want peace and stability are closer to this colour. 


If we give the drawings a psychological characteristic of the group:  

– Group with a critical approach  

– it is clear from their drawings  that they  are not satisfied with a series of issues that worry them, and that they want to determine who is to blame for this.