Drawing Masterclass Jalal-Abad

On November 8 2021, a drawing masterclass was held in Jalal-Abad, with a total of 40 schoolchildren aged 14 to 17 years participated.

Drawing theme: The world through my eyes.

Coach: Samikulova Ayturgan

The drawing masterclass in Jalal-Abad invited school children to draw on the theme “The World Through My Eyes”. The children presented rich imagination and connected easily with each other to create a supportive and creative space. Their positivity, spontaneity, and openness shone through throughout the activity. Many of the drawings depicted the comparison between past and present life, with an emphasis on the future. The children’s artwork also highlighted the impact of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.


Four key themes emerged from the drawing masterclass: 

  1. Life Comparison 
  2. Your future  
  3. Coronavirus 
  4. Ecology 

The schoolchildren who took part in the masterclass created drawings that showed a comparison of life. They imagined a time when everything was beautiful and perfect, but they also showed that they were frustrated with many things in this life, including modern life, the internet, and dependence on money.

Their artwork shows a lot of bright colours, which represent hope and positivity. But they also used dull, dark colours to illustrate environmental issues. The children drew themselves and their future, showing that they know what they want in life and who they want to be in the future.

In this creative environment, everyone tried to express themselves and unleash their imagination in the form of beautiful, critically reflective artwork.

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