On November 18, a master class was held in Jalal-Abad. A total of 40 schoolchildren aged 14 to 17 years, girls – 24, small – 16. Teachers – 4. 

Drawing theme: The world through my eyes. 

Coach: Samikulova Ayturgan

A very interesting group, with a rich imagination. Easily found a common language and tried to show their best sides. 

This group was positive, interested, behaved naturally, were frank. 

Most of them drew the difference between past and present life. Risunks were about their future.  There were drawings about the Coronavirus as the most important current problem. 

Features of this group: positive, open, sincere guys. 


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 The drawings were divided into 4 themes: 

  • Life Comparison 
  • Your future  
  • Coronavirus 
  • Ecology 

Drawings where they depicted a comparison of life, they even if they did not see how people used to live, they think and are sure that everything was beautiful and perfect before. Maybe this can be explained by the influence of the reflections of their parents. Now they are not satisfied with many things in this life: fashion, the Internet and dependence on money. 

Many bright colours were used in the drawings.  Positive people, people with a pure heart and soul, they prefer bright all colours. 

There were also dull dark colours in the drawings, where they drew about ecology.  

Psychological characteristics according to their drawings: 

there are drawings where they have drawn themselves and their future, these guys know what they want in this life and in the future who to become. Such drawings were rare in other areas.  

I am glad that there were no similar drawings, everyone tried to express themselves.