On November 17, the master class was held in Osh. A total of 40 schoolchildren aged 13 to 17 years, of which girls – 25, boys – 15. Teachers – 4.  

Drawing theme: The world through my eyes. 

Coach: Samikulova Ayturgan

The Danna group was more challenging to work with than with the others.  The group quickly did not catch the instructions, it was difficult for the participants to understand, they had to explain the topic several times and in detail, it was necessary to approach everyone and clarify.  

 It was hard for them to start, they couldn’t put on paper what  they had planned for a long time. And, of course, not everyone was able to write a description of their drawings. In their drawings, one thing was drawn, and in the descriptions another, there was no connection between them.  

 This means that such activities are new for them, they are not used to such methods of work. Many could not correctly perceive the event, there was something else in their head that distracted them. 

Most of the group were insecure when they went out and talked about their drawings, worried a lot and could not fully speak. 

 Feature and characteristics of this group:  

– There are advanced children, but there is a group of children who are reserved, who do not know how to communicate; 

– Many do not have their own opinion, but they mirror that of others, they want to learn. 

 The group included children from Uzbek communities.  You could see that the kids were very introverted, they weren’t in community, they didn’t participate much in social events, they didn’t know how to talk about themselves, so these guys tried more to imitate others and drew what others were drawing. 


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Features of the drawings:  

– Most of the drawings without description, drew what first came to their mind. This means that they have rarely been in this type of activity and that they are not so used to working creatively, and could benefit from some further training on how to express/display their thoughts. 

 I divided the figures into 4 themes: 

  • The future of our planet (what it will look like if you don’t take care of it). 
  • Discrimination  
  • Landscapes 
  • Ecology 

 Many blue colour: there are associations with the sky and water, this cold tone calms the human psyche. 

Yellow colour: people associate with the sun and warmth, yellow awakens a positive mood in people. Those who prefer yellow are full of hope. 

Of the negative colours were black and grey.