Gladys Inshuti

  • MAP Role: Artist
  • Institution: University of Rwanda
  • Position: Dancer and Dance Coach
  • Location: Rwanda

Inshuti Mukiza Marie Gladys is a Rwandan traditional dancer and coach; she has been actively participating in Rwandan Traditional dance industry since 2008 as a dancer and dance coach. She has been a dance coach for INYAMIBWA Cultural troop from University of Rwanda, in the same context she was a traditional dance coach for cultural troupes in different secondary schools. During her career of Coaching and Dance, she performed in international cultural festivals in Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya and France. Gladys is also a traditional coach of AMARIZA Cultural Troup from Nyamagabe district, which lead her to become the Secretary of Arts coordination committee in Nyamagabe District.

Beyond the above experience, Gladys is a bachelor holder in Biotechnology with a postgraduate degree in education and she has been a teacher of Biology and Cultural advisor since 2014. She has now 10 years experience in working with young people trough being a teacher and a traditional dance coach for different troupes either in schools, university and in non academic communities.       

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