Inter-generational Dialogue

Inter-generational Dialogue

November 2022 - October 2023

Facilitating inter-generational dialogue through a co-created participatory arts-based community curriculum….

In ‘Inter-generational Dialogue’, Karkhana Samuha’s human-centred design approach ‘Think Make Play Improve’ (TMPI) will explore co-creation processes with and for youth, creating a peacebuilding curriculum that makes visible their desires and concerns, using indigenous and contextualised forms of storytelling.

The project works in three locations in Nepal, and partners with Child Clubs, Youth Clubs, local government officials and/or institutions of higher education.

The methodology focuses on three “policy-in-action” co-creation workshops, which will engage key stakeholders to visit the programs, and see the curriculum in action.

These will be complimented by technical meetings and through public dissemination strategies.  


  • Advocating for progressive education


  • Championing indigenous knowledge
  • Child/youth led participatory action research
  • Designing inter and intra generational processes of dialogue

Policy outputs

The Inter-generational Dialogue provides insights and observations from a youth-led curriculum development programme piloted in three geographically and ethnolinguistically diverse regions of Nepal. Using theatre and TMPI (Think Make Play Improve), a Design Thinking-based methodology, the programme implemented tools, methods and processes that facilitate conversation between a community curriculum and a formal national curriculum (in social sciences for grades 6-8).

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