MAP podcast – episode 4

Episode 4 focuses on MAP activities in Rwanda, specifically on a medium grants project: “Gira Ingoma – One Drum Per Girl.” MAP’s Principal Investigator, Prof. Ananda Breed, whom we spoke to in Episode 1, interviews artist and project founder Gakire Katese Odile about this fascinating project and how it aims to address persistent gender stereotypes and discriminatory norms that prevent girls in Rwanda from engaging in non-traditional activities/roles in the creative and cultural industries….

MAP podcast – episode 1

What’s in the name of the ‘Mobile Arts for Peace’ (MAP) project? Prof Ananda Breed, its principal investigator, joins us to explore this name, the project’s methods, the connections between ‘everyday peacebuilding’ and ‘mobilities’ and how does MAP advance dialogue for peacebuilding via participatory arts….

Pilot podcast

‘Everyday Peacebuilding through the Arts’ is a series of podcasts that explore artworks created by young people and the many ways these artworks can travel across personal narratives, project activities, contexts, and geographies. In this first pilot episode, we found out how MAP advances dialogue for peacebuilding and encourages positive social change through use of…