Visualising Peace

Visualising Peace

January 2023 - January 2024

Using film-making and art exhibitions to address the barriers young people face in engaging and influencing community members and policymakers….

In Visualising Peace, partner organisations UNM, the Kwetu Film Institute, and Never Again Rwanda are developing a participatory action research model that supports young participants to decode the barriers to their civic engagement, explore their political agency, and communicate their ambitions to community members and targeted policymakers.

The focus is on raising mental health awareness through youth-led arts exhibitions. The project will produce a set of films made in collaboration with young people at the Kwetu Film Academy, as well as young people previously involved in MAP Phase 1.

These films will be shared at a symposium with arts-based creations to innovatively communicate with civil society and policymakers. The process will be captured in an academic article and the co-produced training manual.


  • Cultivating well-being and mental health


  • Child/youth led participatory action research
  • Designing inter and intra generational processes of dialogue
  • Using applied arts and cultural praxis

Policy outputs

Visualising peace is built from policy briefs produced by UNM in phase two of the MAP programme. Three key policy areas around mental health in young people have been identified from this phase:

  • Mental Health Support in Schools: Helping schools understand how mental health can impact academic performance and behaviour
  • Mental Health in Families: Raising awareness about how conflict in families impacts young people, the lack of social support and resources available and
    how it impacts mental health.
  • Street Connected/The Burden Kids Carry: Sharing the message that nobody chooses to be in vulnerable situations such as this and that everyone should be treated equally.

This project will utilise film as a co-produced creative process, engaging young people from the Kwetu Film Institute to produce a film for each of these areas. These will then be shown at a symposium run in collaboration with the policy organisation Never Again Rwanda, inviting grassroots organisations and policymakers to discuss and propose policy actions. We will also produce a policy report ​reviewing the outcomes for future reference.

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