Drawing Masterclass Osh

Drawing Masterclass Osh

On November 17, the master class was held in Osh. A total of 40 schoolchildren aged 13 to 17 years, of which girls – 25, boys – 15. Teachers – 4.  

Drawing theme: The world through my eyes. 

Coach: Samikulova Ayturgan

The Danna group was more challenging to work with than with the others.  The group quickly did not catch the instructions, it was difficult for the participants to understand, they had to explain the topic several times and in detail, it was necessary to approach everyone and clarify.  

 It was hard for them to start, they couldn’t put on paper what  they had planned for a long time. And, of course, not everyone was able to write a description of their drawings. In their drawings, one thing was drawn, and in the descriptions another, there was no connection between them.  

 This means that such activities are new for them, they are not used to such methods of work. Many could not correctly perceive the event, there was something else in their head that distracted them. 

Most of the group were insecure when they went out and talked about their drawings, worried a lot and could not fully speak. 

 Feature and characteristics of this group:  

– There are advanced children, but there is a group of children who are reserved, who do not know how to communicate; 

– Many do not have their own opinion, but they mirror that of others, they want to learn. 

 The group included children from Uzbek communities.  You could see that the kids were very introverted, they weren’t in community, they didn’t participate much in social events, they didn’t know how to talk about themselves, so these guys tried more to imitate others and drew what others were drawing. 


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Features of the drawings:  

– Most of the drawings without description, drew what first came to their mind. This means that they have rarely been in this type of activity and that they are not so used to working creatively, and could benefit from some further training on how to express/display their thoughts. 

 I divided the figures into 4 themes: 

  • The future of our planet (what it will look like if you don’t take care of it). 
  • Discrimination  
  • Landscapes 
  • Ecology 

 Many blue colour: there are associations with the sky and water, this cold tone calms the human psyche. 

Yellow colour: people associate with the sun and warmth, yellow awakens a positive mood in people. Those who prefer yellow are full of hope. 

Of the negative colours were black and grey. 

Drawing Masterclass Jalal-Abad

Drawing Masterclass Jalal-Abad

On November 18, a master class was held in Jalal-Abad. A total of 40 schoolchildren aged 14 to 17 years, girls – 24, small – 16. Teachers – 4. 

Drawing theme: The world through my eyes. 

Coach: Samikulova Ayturgan

A very interesting group, with a rich imagination. Easily found a common language and tried to show their best sides. 

This group was positive, interested, behaved naturally, were frank. 

Most of them drew the difference between past and present life. Risunks were about their future.  There were drawings about the Coronavirus as the most important current problem. 

Features of this group: positive, open, sincere guys. 


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 The drawings were divided into 4 themes: 

  • Life Comparison 
  • Your future  
  • Coronavirus 
  • Ecology 

Drawings where they depicted a comparison of life, they even if they did not see how people used to live, they think and are sure that everything was beautiful and perfect before. Maybe this can be explained by the influence of the reflections of their parents. Now they are not satisfied with many things in this life: fashion, the Internet and dependence on money. 

Many bright colours were used in the drawings.  Positive people, people with a pure heart and soul, they prefer bright all colours. 

There were also dull dark colours in the drawings, where they drew about ecology.  

Psychological characteristics according to their drawings: 

there are drawings where they have drawn themselves and their future, these guys know what they want in this life and in the future who to become. Such drawings were rare in other areas.  

I am glad that there were no similar drawings, everyone tried to express themselves. 

Drawing Masterclass Bishkek

Drawing Masterclass Bishkek

On November 12th 2021, a master class was held in Bishkek.  

In total, there are 39 schoolchildren aged 13 to 17 years: 35 people, including girls – 24, boys – 11. Teachers – 4. 

Drawing theme: The world through my eyes. 

Coach: Samikulova Ayturgan

This group quickly picked up the instructions.  From the first time they understood the topic and began to act, although, many of them  painted with paints for the first time, they  were not afraid to use paints. The guys were not shy, not afraid that they would not succeed, in the end they showed a good result, bright, clear drawings and were able to describe their pictures in words. 

Most of the guys can speak freely and are active, do not lag behind modern life, try to be in trend. 

 The particular approach of the group: critical, express their criticisms.  

 Among the group there are several guys: quiet, withdrawn, who are lost within this group. 


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Features of the drawings:  

– Most of the guys raised the global problems of modern life: gender, corruption, low living conditions, etc.  

– In describing their paintings for the problems, they were more critical and blamed others (for example: the government); 

There were no drawings where they would show themselves,  and how they could help this world to improve, and what benefits they could bring. 


The drawings can be divided into 4 themes: 

  • Nature 
  • Ecology 
  • Corruption 
  • Gender 


Using ink colours: 

Green colour: green means the  colour of nature and harmony, this colour soothes a person. 


Blue is a cold colour, the colour of energy and desire, it is often used by people who are closed and insecure. 

 Black is considered the most negative, the colour of failure and depression. People who consider themselves unhappy and strangers among their own, they prefer this colour when they are lonely. 


Gray is the colour of boredom and depression, people who want peace and stability are closer to this colour. 


If we give the drawings a psychological characteristic of the group:  

– Group with a critical approach  

– it is clear from their drawings  that they  are not satisfied with a series of issues that worry them, and that they want to determine who is to blame for this.

Drawing Masterclass Batken

Drawing Masterclass Batken

On November 20th – 2021, a drawing master class was held in Batken. A total of 44 schoolchildren aged 13 to 17, of which girls – 28, boys – 16. Teachers – 4. 

Drawing theme: The world through my eyes. 
Coach: Samikulova Ayturgan

This group was active, diligent, emotional. Even if they didn’t succeed, they tried very hard to try everything and do everything.   Hearing the topic, they immediately got down to business, the topic for them is close and understandable.

 Most of the young people turned out to be patriots, and that’s how they differed from other groups. And, of course, there were a lot of drawings on the theme of patriotism. They tried to show in their drawings our beautiful homeland, the importance of friendship between peoples, and also raised the topic of border conflicts. 

 It is clear that this is not the first time they have participated in such training, and they have more information about conflicts, causes and consequences.  In the descriptions of the paintings, they wrote clearly and understandably, they were able to orally tell about their drawings. 

 The peculiarity of this group: they were distinguished by their patriotism, good manners and ability to listen. 

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Features of the drawings:  

– Most painted on the theme of friendship between peoples, about border conflicts. They showed how important they are to a peaceful life and a clear sky above their heads. 

They drew a lot on the theme of the Motherland: beautiful mountains and landscapes, were able to convey the beauty of the nature of Kyrgyzstan, and showed their love for the Motherland. 

 I divided the figures into 4 themes: 

  • Friendship between nations 
  • Patriotism 
  • Ecology 
  • Nature of Kyrgyzstan 

 Drawings about border conflicts and their consequences show that children know and understand what conflict is and understand the meaning of peace on the border.  

 And they seem to have relished moments of border conflict when they painted.  The guys didn’t paint the conflict itself: the shooting, the empty houses, etc. They drew their love for the motherland, the need for friendship on the border. It shows that they want and believe in future change. 


I noticed how they paid attention to every detail, tried to convey everything that they felt through their drawings.  They approached, asked if it was clear what they wanted to say with their drawing.  


There were a lot of rainbow colors that lifted the spirits. People who want peace, a quiet life prefer such bright rainbow colors. They are not indifferent to what kind of world they live in, they want a better life for themselves and for loved ones, to wake up every day with a calm soul. 

Drawings about the landscapes of Kyrgyzstan demonstrate patriotism, show love for their homeland and pride. 

We were able to tell interestingly about our drawings, at first they were shy, but then there were a lot of people who wanted to. 


Psychological characteristic according to their drawings: depicted friendship between peoples, using bright colors.  They talked about the great hope that there would be peace above their heads.