MAP Online Side Event at the UNESCO World Conference on Culture and Arts Education 2024

  EVENT DATE: 09/02/2024

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In the introduction to this webinarProf Ananda Breed (Principal Investigator of MAP, from the University of Lincoln in the UK) will introduce the origins and methodology of this international research project. Breed will outline how MAP is generating new learnings regarding how artful spaces of dialogue can contribute towards educational/youth policy reforms. This is achieved through contextual youth adaptations of arts-based cultural forms, which are then communicated inter-generationally. MAP is a direct translation of five themes in the UNESCO Framework for Culture and Arts Education.

In the next session, Prof Ananda Breed & Dr. Sarah Huxley (Research Associate & Youth Specialist) will present case studies aligned with the guiding principle of ‘co-creation’, within the UNESCO Culture & Arts Education Framework. The case studies relate to progressive education (Nepal & Indonesia); gender-based violence (Kyrgyzstan); and well-being and mental health (Rwanda). This will include video footage and opportunities to discuss and engage with the material.

The third part of the webinar will discuss how MAP is developing arts education curriculums (within existing curricula). This directly relates to Objective 3 of the Framework: to “Integrate effectively culture and arts education…in curricula”. Here, Professor Ananda Breed & Dr Binod Prasad Pant from Kathmandu University will discuss the pilot development of a Nepal Arts Education Framework, and Dr Sarah Huxley will share early work on developing a local arts education curriculum through a partner organisation Janaki Women Awareness Society (Nepal).

The next session will focus on Learning Experiences: in particular ways of engaging artists, youth researchers, policy makers and practitioners. This aligns directly with one of the Frameworks Implementation modalities. The discussion will present the re-framing of an inter-generational National Dialogue Roundtable with the UNESCO Office in Kathmandu, and Juhi Adhikari a young researcher from MAP Nepal will share her experience/learnings from this event and throughout the project. Dr Sarah Huxley will also briefly share the project’s experimentations with communications, including online through ‘Talking Back’ and Policy (Art) Briefs.

Finally, Professor Ananda Breed will share future directions including MAP Rwanda’s sustained contributions towards the Youth Mental Health Policy through psychosocial arts-based (game) modules, film creation and more. This aligns with the Framework’s drive towards inclusion and ‘appreciation of cultural diversity’ to promote ‘healing through culture and the arts’.

The session will then open a space for discussion, a sharing of approaches, and welcome engagement from participants.

Mobile Arts for Peace is an AHRC/ GCRF Network Plus project.

MAP is a collaborative project between civil society organisations and CSO workers, cultural organisations and artists, health institutions and psychosocial workers, universities and researchers, and children and young people.

Slides of the MAP online side event

Artful research: Informing national curriculums and youth peacebuilding policy in Nepal, Rwanda, Kyrgyzstan, and Indonesia

Recording of the MAP online side event

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